Wyoming Probate Estate

Delivering the Original Wyoming Last Will and Testament

The person who has custody of a Will must deliver it to the probate court or to the executor within ten (10) days of becoming aware of the death. The custodian will be liable to any person who suffers damage as a result of failing to abide by this duty. If the custodian refuses to hand over the Will despite a court order, he/she may be punished for contempt of court. § 2-6-119.

Executor to file Petition

The person named as executor in a Wyoming Will must file a petition for probate and letters testamentary within thirty days of learning the testator has died. Failing to do so entitles the court to deem he has renounced the position and to appoint someone else as administrator, unless good cause for the delay can be shown. § 2-6-202

Inheritance and Estate Taxes

Wyoming does not impose succession tax and does not have an estate tax return form. The only death tax collected by the Department of State Revenue is merely a “pick-up” tax, corresponding to the federal credit for state death tax. If you are not required to file a federal estate tax return, the State of Wyoming still requires you to show that no tax was due by filing an Application for No Tax Due Certificate.

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