Rhode Island Probate Estate

The Rhode Island probate process is simplified for smaller estates. A petition needs to be filed with the probate court to commence proceedings.

The original Will

The person who has the original Rhode Island Will must deliver it to the court or to the executor within 30 days of notice of the death. If the executor receives the Rhode Island last Will and Testament, then he/she must deliver it to the court within 30 days of receiving it.

Small Estates

Where the deceased’s assets consist of personal property up to the value of $15,000 the small estates procedure can be used to informally probate the Will and appoint the executor named in the Will. § 33-24-2

Will Probate Forms

The Rhode Island Secretary of State provides the necessary Forms to Probate a Rhode Island Will.  Some forms are not available online, requiring you to contact the court in order to obtain a copy.

Estate Tax

For advice on Rhode Island Estate tax and Inheritance tax, contact the State of Rhode Island Division of Taxation.

How do I get copies of the deceased’s emails?

An executor named under a Rhode Island Will may request access to or copies of the testator’s emails from the service provider.  They will need to provide a written request, copy of the death certificate, a certified copy of the certificate appointing them as executor of the Will or administrator together with an indemnity from the estate. § 33-27-3

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