About Probate Estate

The probate process is one of the most emotionally draining experiences in any person’s lifetime. The loss of a loved one curtails rational thought and opens the doorway to potentially disastrous family feuds.

As a lawyer having practiced in wills and estates, I saw numerous and varied clients over the years. Many estate settlements are amicable and proceed smoothly without a glitch. Unfortunately, some can become problematic, even to the point of breaking life-long family ties.
Most difficulties arise from lack of communication, limited knowledge of the probate process and parties taking a stubborn or defensive approach.

Administering an estate usually takes around a year to settle. With so many things to take care of and being faced with unpleasant issues to solve, the whole process often becomes overwhelming.

This informational resource has been created to help executors, personal representatives, beneficiaries, guardians and anyone else involved in the probate estate. It is by no means a substitute for professional advice from a licensed attorney. It is merely a place to contemplate options and gain some insight into probate estates.

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